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Tilia Chair Sessions is in the Aegean now!

Tilia brought together Eke Architecture and DT Architecture Offices, being the two of the most distinguished design offices in İzmir, in the Chair Sessions 3. Öznur Eke from Eke Architecture, Çiğdem, and Davut Tambahar from DT Architecture attended the session. The furniture preferences in the Aegean Region were discussed in this conversation, which was based on the idea that the distinction between indoor and outdoor space has lost its meaning.

As always, the design was the center of the speech, in which the climate of the region, the climate conditions, and the people’s living habits are evaluated in general. Expressing that the distinction between exterior and interior space has decreased with the pandemic, the designers agreed that the themes such as material selection in outdoor furniture, the importance of sustainable approaches in materials, and the selection of materials according to the climate have an important place in meeting the needs of the region.

Watch now!

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