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You know us

We also you.

Maybe we met in a tea garden, maybe on a ferry, maybe on a beach. We witnessed the weddings of some of you or perhaps your summer conversations. Life was always a rush, for better or for worse. So what do you really need in the course of your life? Every answer we have given to this question for half a century has also been the birth story of a new Tilia product.

With this question, we have been updated, renewed, and put forward permanent designs that resist time. We have always been by your side by producing quality, accessible, unique, and grasping furniture compatible with your needs and the contemporary design language.

There are many values ​​that we have embraced during our journey. We have adopted the principle of reflecting the importance we attach to nature, people, and being good in all areas of our business.

As Tilia, we are here to build permanent products by understanding your needs correctly.

Our Policies

We solve the needs with design.

Have you thought about how a properly designed product will make your life easier? In our opinion, design should appeal not only to the eye, but also to life; It should fit your life as well as your style. By putting simplicity at the center, we design products that will fit into the flow of life for you and will be used for years. We produce our designs based on real needs and offer permanent solutions to your life.

We design for everyone.

Contrary to the idea that every furniture with design is expensive; We believe that everyone has the right to produce products with the right design and quality materials. With this awareness, we aim to be accessible to everyone, to see our world-class products more in living spaces, and to make our designs a solution to the needs of everyone’s life.

We stand behind our product.

Every stage of Tilia’s production process is shaped by the values we stand behind. We use materials approved by world authorities, and we offer life-long products of which we are sure of the quality. Therefore, we know that no matter what the product is, it will always make the person who owns it happy. We continue to work day and night to ensure that your happiness is permanent.

We believe in teamwork.

In every product that comes out, there is the effort of more than one person and the dedication of our team that makes it Tilia.
Just as a family is tightly connected to each other and overcomes all difficulties side by side, we, as a deep-rooted family, get all our strength from the team we grew up with.
We are aware of how valuable the value added by each of our employees is and we are proud to walk shoulder to shoulder with this valuable staff.

We produce real values.

Focusing on what you really need in the course of life, Tilia started to operate as Savaş Plastik in 1963.
Our brand, which includes plastic indoor & outdoor furniture as well as contract furniture, is among the main product groups;
Since 2003, it has been operating in its 16,000 square meter factory in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul.

Tilia all over the world.

With its design, materials and affordable prices, we undertake works above the standards to increase your quality of life in every Tilia product that enters your life.
Tilia aims to see its products more in living spaces and to make the designs a solution to the needs of every one’s life;
We distribute happiness in more than 60 countries by combining our production power with our distribution network.