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Ask about one of our indispensable values;

we tell you; design.

In our opinion, a design product should appeal not only to the eye but also to life; it should fit your life as well as your style.
We, as Tilia, createour designs based on actual needs and permanent solutions to life.
With our collaborations with our design team and design offices, we design products that will fit into the flow of life and will be used for years.

With this perspective, design is one of our brand’s indispensable strengths, which allowed us to win awards!


The Atra armchair, designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu, reflects Tilia’s straight forward production principle, use of suitable materials, and desire to be accessible to everyone. As a result, Atra was deemed worthy of prestigious awards such as German Design Award 2021 Gold (Excellent Product Design Gardening and Outdoor Living), iF Design Award 2020, Plus X Award 2020 Design Award, and Superior Design Award in Design Türkiye 2021


Shell | Chair & Armchair Family

Away from exaggerated design promises, the Shell Family offers design lovers everything a chair & armchair should have: Design, function, and quality with its oyster-shell-inspired seating area. As a result, it prized the Good Design Award at Design Türkiye 2021.


Silva | Sofa Set

It is designed for you to bring the peace and coolness of the forest to your gardens and verandas. Tilia Design Team bearing with the signature of Kilit Taşı Design, achieved the Good Design award at Design Türkiye 2021.


Ivy | Table Base

The compact, elegant and useful Ivy Table Leg was designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu, inspired by the nature of ivy, and was awarded with “Good Design” award at Design Turkey 2021. Ivy Table, designed with this award-winning leg, was crowned with the “Outdoor Furniture of the Year” award at EDIDA 2022.