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Viena straw design meets the oval back frame on the Freya chair, giving it a modern, stylish posture. Its shiny surface and romantic color options make Freya even more remarkable.

Compatible with indoor and outdoor use, Freya leaves a nostalgic impact in every environment, from restaurants to weddings, from kitchens to gardens. Freya, which can be used for years thanks to its recyclable polypropylene material reinforced with fiberglass, can be stacked when desired, thus saving space.

Tested by CATAS
Suitable for outdoor
Easy to clean
Stackable Chair
Cushion available
Suitable for indoor
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Dimensions & Weight

38x42x93h CM / 3.6 KG

Shipping - Carton

20' DC : 205
40' DC : 420
40' HC : 500
TIR : 592

Shipping - Stack

20' DC : 312
40' HC : 795
TIR : 930