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Pandora, a mix of traditional and modern, brings together mysterious Ottoman motifs and modern materials. It creates a beautiful contrast for both classical and contemporary spaces. The Pandora chair draws attention with its glossy surface and Vienna straw back detail.Pandora is stackable and suitable for indoors and outdoors, making it preferable in any setting, from crowded family tables to large events such as weddings. It is a long-lasting chair thanks to its polypropylene material reinforced with fiberglass and polycarbonate material for transparent chairs. It’s also 100% recyclable.

Tested by CATAS
Suitable for outdoor
Easy to clean
Stackable Chair
Cushion available




Dimensions & Weight

38x42x93h CM / 3.6 KG


Shipping - Carton

20' DC : 230
40' DC : 460
40' HC : 550
TIR : 700

Shipping - Stack

20' DC : 325
40' DC : 689
40' HC : 795
TIR : 931