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Chair Sessions 4 is live!

Tilia held the 4th Chair Session in Yedikule Dungeons. As the main sponsor of the 4th International İstanbul Triennial at Yedikule Fortress Open Air Museum between 12 May and 13 June 2022.
Moderated by Tilia’s 3rd Generation Representative Bilal Savaş, this part of the Chair Session hosts the Spanish artist Mareo Rodriguez.

In his production named Portals, Mareo blends his work with the architecture of the space and creates a supreme and beautiful crack of light, hanging down the inner roof of one of the towers in Yedikule Fortress, which can be interpreted as an escape rope and shows us the essence of the landscape. With this fracture that can be imagined as a separation line or a birth crack, the artist promises to take the viewers through the portal into an eternal whole.
We share the delightful moments of our conversation with Mareo, whose works he carries out based on the transformation and expansion of energy over time, the ever-changing structures in nature, and the concentration of light.

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