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Chair Sessions 5 is live!

Tilia, a supporter of the 4th International Istanbul Triennial 2022 taking place at Yedikule Fortress Open Air Museum, carried out the 5th Chair Sessions with a triennial artist Fırat Neziroğlu.

Burak Savaş, the 3rd Generation Representative of Tilia, and the Artist Fırat Neziroğlu were guests of the 5th Tilia Chair Sessions which was moderated by Master Architect Gizem Önürmen Çelik. The main theme of the session was sustainability.

“With the saying “Weaving like Fırat Neziroğlu”, the artist is the subject of lectures at universities abroad. He engraved his name in the academic literature by having multiple Master’s Thesis written about his life and his art. The artist has been traveling across Anatolia for the last 25 years while following the tracks of sustainable life based on nature and creativity born of non-existence. He revives the almost-extinct fabrics with almost-extinct methods and relays his findings to the next generations. We are proud to share the enjoyable talk we had with Neziroğlu on the topic of sustainable production policies.

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