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Ivy-L 735mm.

Design and compactness…
The Ivy table leg, bearing the signature of Kilit Taşı Design, offers functionality and elegance together. Designed with inspiration from the spreading nature of ivy, Ivy leaves the choice to you with its stylish design as well as its adaptable structure to different table sizes. The legs, which consist of two parts, become adaptable to tabletops of different sizes by opening the distance between them. Thus, Ivy can adapt to the changes that occur in the long term.

Requires assembly
Suitable for outdoor
Suitable for indoor
Easy to clean
Fiberglass reinforced
Tested by CATAS

Award-Winning Design.


The compact, elegant and useful Ivy table leg was designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu, inspired by the nature of Ivy.
It was awarded the Good Design award at Design Turkiye 2021 & ELLE Decoration International Design Award.


Dimensions & Weight

9x73,5 CM / 3.70 KG


Shipping - Stack

20' DC : 400
40' DC : 800
40' HC : 960
TIR : 1200