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Tilia’s award-winning design Atra took its place at Möbel Design Museum.

Atra, designed by Kunter Şekercioğlu, has now taken its place in the permanent exhibition of the Möbel Design Museum as the first and only design from Turkey after winning prestigious awards such as German Design Gold, iF Design, Plus X, and Design Turkey.

Möbel Design Museum in Stockholm is a private collection of Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow, including 900 pieces of design furniture from more than 300 designers. This comprehensive collection has built up over 40 years of experience as professional designers and architects and has arisen from a shared interest in Scandinavian and international furniture design.

The collection reflects developments in form, function, aesthetics, techniques, materials, and society and mainly comprises original designs that are characteristic of their time. Pieces are displayed in their original condition, retaining the signs of wear and tear that bear witness to their usage. Tilia’s award-winning design, Atra, accompanies this historical design journey from the 1900s to the present day, as the first and only product from Turkey. Atra, with its distinctive shades of nile green , is now welcoming museum guests among other pieces that are mainly intended for use in public spaces and which have won awards and been selected for other museums’ collections.

The museum houses various specialist exhibitions that address issues relating to the contents of the collection and provides seminars and workshops offering opportunities to define and discuss quality and aesthetics from multiple angles.