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We are updating and adding product colors for 2020

Following contemporary color trends, this year, we are adding new colors to our production and will start to discontinue some of our older colors.

Color trends of architecture and industrial design change year by year. Part of our mission is to watch these trends and be fresh. Having most of our production in resin chairs with injection technique, its a hard process to change/add or delete new colors each year. But this time, it’s time for refreshment.

We have deeply researched global color and architecture trends and selected 23 colors, then we asked our trusted global partners to choose their most and least liked colors. That allowed us to get a rating system for our new colors to best predict consumer trends.

And we selected the top 6 best rated colors and incorporated it to our products.


Beige is a new color, its lighter than coffee, darker than cream

Yellow (New)

The new yellow will replace our previous lighter yellow and olive green colors


Khaki is completely new color

Petroleum Green

Petroleum Green is hot right now, it was the #1 most liked color from our color survey

Milky Brown

Milky brown is a new tone that is sweet, warm and inviting

Cement Gray

Cement Gray is a new, midtone, warm gray