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user-friendly compact and useful elegant and stylish award-winning brand new design; Ivy.

user-friendly compact useful elegant stylish brand new design; Ivy.

Inspired by nature!

Compact, elegant, and functional, the Ivy table leg is designed to adapt to any environment and condition, like the nature of Ivy. Designed by the award-winning Kilit Taşı design studio, it has an intelligent 3-point connection system that makes the leg duo fit tabletops in various sizes and shapes without requiring a middle connection bridge.



Award Winning Design

While Ivy Table Leg was deemed worthy of “Good Design” award at Design Turkey 2021 by the design authorities; Ivy Table is chosen as the “Best Garden Furniture of the Year” by the votes of world’s best decoration editors in the outdoor furniture category at EDIDA 2022.

Adapts to all conditions!

Ivy table leg, which is resistant to external weather conditions, is always with you during the changes that will take place for years, thanks to its long-lasting, high-quality fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene material. Sun, rain, and wind often have a corrosive effect on furniture. The Ivy table leg is not affected by external weather conditions and provides a stylish stance with its design.

It sustains the ideal height of use with two different height options and tabletops of different thicknesses.